Dordogne – Good, Golden, Gorgeous

The Dordogne region of France is one of the best places to go walking in Europe, thanks to its combination of stunning scenery and fascinating towns and villages to visit.

Walking holidays in Dordogne

Wandering through the rolling countryside close to the River Dordogne and enjoying the views of forests, cliff tops and sunflower fields by day, before settling down to an excellent meal and a bottle of wine at a traditional restaurant in the evening. And if you choose the right type of walking break, you can even enjoy nights in the comfort of a bed in an excellent hotel or guesthouse. You may imagine that a typical outdoors holiday will involve carrying your luggage and setting up camp at the end of every day, but it is possible to combine walking in France with a little luxury. You will also be able to select from some shorter walking holidays in Dordogne, including a seven-day trip from Beaulieu to the beautiful medieval town of Martel, via some picturesque villages and through some of France’s most beautiful countryside.

Historical Destinations in Dordogne

Dordogne is heaven for the history buff. Apart from its historical monuments, numerous castles and, the Vézère Valley is hosts several sites of much prehistoric significance. It is because of the presence of these sites that UNESCO has given Dordogne the status of world heritage. It is a place which has witnessed critical historical events. The notable locations to be toured in this area are Grotte des Combarelles for the unique kind of engravings found there. Furthermore, Grotte du Grand Roc features adequate” cave system” and cave paintings. Additionally, a place at Abri du Cap Blanc hosts the prehistoric sculpture.

Because of such remarkable places, the valley is also referred to as the “Cradle of the human race”. Vézère Valley, a national monument, has about 147 sites that are listed with UNESCO as world heritage sites. Discovered in 1940 are the world famous Lascaux caves. Considered to be over 17000 old, these caves are rich in paintings of various animals. Multiple efforts are going on for the maintenance of the carvings and paintings in these caves. The other main attractions in Dordogne are its 1001 castles. Some of these are open to the public while many others are not open to public visits. Some castles are ancient and seem untouched since medieval periods. However, one can see evident marks of English – French wars on numerous castles.


As with the rest of Dordogne, Sarlat is known for its exquisite French cuisine, and you may find that there is no better way to enjoy your holiday than by relaxing with a chilled glass of wine and relishing some of the delicacies on offer. And by choosing France villa holidays in this region, you will find you are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality dishes. Many people in France point to Dordogne as being the best place to sample pate, while ducks is also a favorite and you could even get lucky enough to find a meal served with black truffles.

The huge area of Dordogne is difficult to be covered in a single visit. Therefore, there are lots of repeat visitors traveling this part of France.